At our core, we provide a space for leaders to learn and develop together. This builds an authentic team and organisational culture which we fundamentally believe supports business achievement. The practical knowledge gained from these engagements strengthens relationships, fosters fulfilment and consequently builds trust and loyalty with their clients and customers.

Leadership Qualifications

TowerStone Institute of Leadership is a Private Higher Education institution committed to the theoretical, interpersonal and behavioural development of leaders in support of organisational alignment and success. Our leadership qualifications are accredited with the Council on Higher Education designed to equip students to lead purposefully and authentically through a unique approach of integrating theory with workplace application. Doing so ensures that students leave with the knowledge, skills and confidence to inspire Brand Ambassadorship within their organisations. We offer a customised approach to facilitation, learning material and assessments in order to ensure the relevance and impact of our qualifications.




Higher Certificate in Management Practice (HCMP) (NQF Level 5)


Our Higher Certificate in Management Practice (HCMP) qualification prepares and enables students to understand and integrate core management functions while developing their personal and professional effectiveness within the organisational framework.

HCMP is ideal for first-time, junior or middle managers responsible for managing and leading teams.

The programme comprises 12 modules facilitated over a one-year period.

As part of the development process, students are assessed on their knowledge, comprehension and application abilities through selected pre-work, prescribed reading, module assignments, action plans, case studies and group presentations.

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Supervisor Development Programme (SDP) (NQF Level 3/4)


Supervisors are empowered with the necessary skills to engage their teams and support achieving business goals through collaboration. Ensuring the balance between task efficiency and team leadership is an essential investment in developing Brand Ambassadors.

SDP is aimed at supervisors and team leaders who are responsible for managing processes and tasks in alignment with the organisational culture.

The programme comprises facilitated coursework and assessments over seven modules totalling 10 contact days. A Portfolio of Evidence is submitted to validate competency.


Short Courses


We offer a range of short, non-credit bearing courses for the ongoing development of leaders, including but not limited to:

  • Negotiation Skills (two and a half days).
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence (two days).
  • Leadership Communication (five days).
  • Optimising Conflict (two days).
  • Leading with a Commercial Mindset (two days).
  • Leader as Coach (two to six days).


Culture is the heart of the organisation and is sustained by a connection to a shared purpose. Being intentional about developing culture in line with the organisation’s purpose will enable your team members to bring their best to work, thereby enhancing innovation, improving performance and ultimately increasing profits. Our SMARTspace format is what others refer to as workshops – ours are more conversation-driven and incorporate interactive technology with the aim of engaging teams to a greater extent and encouraging the valuable contribution of each individual.


Purposeful Learning Series


TowerStone facilitates The Purposeful Leadership Company’s Purposeful Learning Series (PLS) SMARTspaces, collectively or once-off, based on client needs with the intent of inspiring Brand Ambassadors to find true fulfilment in the workplace. The workshops provide a safe space for participants to learn about themselves and leadership, and how to improve to show up more purposefully. We believe that inspiring leadership is rooted in leveraging individual purpose, team purpose and organisational purpose to mobilise hands, minds and hearts.



Our Reason for Being


This one-day SMARTspace empowers Brand Ambassadors with an intimate knowledge of the organisational purpose, products and services to enable them to fulfil their role in their specific organisation with passion and pride.




This interactive workshop is fully customised, based on the needs of the organisation. We gain insight into strengths and challenges by way of interviews held with internal clients as well as the specific team members to gauge where these obstacles and opportunities lie. This insight is used to develop a tailor-made workshop which explores how to overcome debilitating ways of working to achieve success. Such SMARTspaces include:

  • A Personal Brand With Gravitas: Explores how entrenching one keystone habit specific to your unique circumstances will form the foundation of growing your personal brand, contribution and influence in line with your purpose, for long-term impact.
  • Taking Meaningful Action: Contributing to our Organisation’s Success: Provides insight into What short- and long-term objectives the organisation or team must achieve and How the culture needs to be developed by the individuals and team to support achievement thereof.
  • The Art of Having Meaningful Leadership Conversations: Explores not only the importance of having such engagements but also what gets in the way of having them and most importantly, how to have them effectively.
  • Co-Creating Our Future: Hitting the Re-Start Button: Provides a customised experience for the team based on their unique needs, strengths and challenges in pursuit of achieving sustainable organisational success in a VUCA world.




The ability to inspire and lead Brand Ambassadors requires the leader to develop from within i.e. to find their StillPoint. StillPoint© focuses on unlocking individual leadership potential so that leaders can in turn empower their teams to be more accountable within, committed to and passionate about the organisation from five points of view as per the diagram.





Through coaching, we help leaders to change their thinking to overcome engrained, debilitating behaviours, and they discover how to build a believable personal brand that others want to follow. They are also made aware of their impact on others and the role they play in how engaged (switched on) or disengaged (switched off) others are.




All the assessments that we offer are made available as stand-alone offerings, but are optimally used to gain insight that is used meaningfully in conjunction with our various other offerings.


TowerStone offers the following self-administered assessments:

  • Our 360° Leadership Brand Assessment provides insight to track individual behavioural growth within an organisation, based on the organisation’s values and leadership behaviours.
  • Our 180° Leadership Brand Assessment provides insight to track team behavioural growth within an organisation based on the organisation’s values and leadership behaviours.
  • 360° Coaching Assessments require coachees to nominate team members who provide feedback on a set of questions regarding how they show up as a leader. Ideally, this is conducted towards the beginning of the coaching journey and again at the end of the journey to track progress.


We are furthermore accredited partners and practitioners of a number of assessment tools which all provide valuable insight into how individuals and teams interact and align.


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