Purposeful Coaching facilitates exceptional business performance through focused individual development and teamwork.
Companies experiencing the following challenges will benefit most from embarking on a Purposeful Coaching Programme.

1.Lack of ownership
Being highly task-oriented means that there is a focus on meeting deadlines without checking that projects and tasks are actually adding value. This mind-set points to a culture of resignation, where people have given up on the possibility of fulfilment at work and are content to tick the boxes required by management. This detachment may go unnoticed under normal circumstances, but will have a severe impact when the business is under pressure and nobody takes accountability for delivery.

Motivation in the workplace is of huge importance, but not if that motivation is totally focused on reaching only divisional or departmental objectives. This silo mentality shows up when performance measurement is based on departmental output rather than contribution to client delivery. The impact is that team members get caught up in getting things done and do not leverage off each other to achieve the best possible outcome for the client. Opportunities for collaboration are either overlooked or ignored.

3.Internal confusion
Lack of clarity, caused by attempting to set direction with team members not really understanding how they contribute to business performance, leads to frustration among engaged employees, and blame among disengaged employees.  The net result is a culture of confusion at best, and conflict at worst. Ultimately, there is very little return on investment of company resources.

Conflict in the workplace spirals out of control very quickly with blame becoming the norm. Team morale is affected negatively and fear sets in leaving team members less likely to speak their minds for fear of retaliation, impacting delivery and stifling creativity.

5.Lack of trust
Hidden agendas are rife and impact negatively on open communication. Transparency in general is affected as trust issues creep in – even if based only on rumours.  The impact on relationships between teams and between team members can have dire results on productivity.

Purposeful Coaching is designed to address the particular organisational challenges mentioned here. A prerequisite for success of any Purposeful Coaching engagement is that leadership acknowledges that these challenges exist and are having a significant impact on business performance.