Mediocre goals realise mediocre results. Everyone knows this. Our plans for the future are largely driven by our ambition to set realistic goals; pretty similar to the way that the quality of our thoughts drives the quality of our actions. But, what if you broadened your perspective?

Our work, and our future in general, is intertwined with the goals we set. But it’s not only our future we need to consider. Our legacy – what the future will look like for those we leave behind – is another important factor. This made me think: What could happen if I changed my approach, changed the kind of things that motivate me, threw out the old and welcomed the new? Where would I be? What would I be? And why not?

Let’s start right now, before another minute is wasted on meaningless noise. Set your mind to dream mode. Use your imagination. Start from the end by arriving at the destination in your mind.

Let’s focus on your career and succession for a moment. The successful individuals of today find themselves ready for the next opportunity simply because they are striving to perfect the current opportunity. It is through striving to be better that progress emerges. New choices are available simply because you are always open to change and improvement.

However, failing to give enough consideration to building a solid foundation is a common pitfall. Every large tower needs something solid to stand on. Without this, the height of the tower is limited and stability is compromised. Therefore, while you strive for growth, you have to set time aside to create support structures that will prevail with or without you. In business, this can be a business partner or a team. In life, perhaps, it is a life partner, friend or family member. No person walks alone. Part of your legacy is ensuring the sustainability of your work.

But how do we make this practical? I suggest the following tips to get you going:

  • Laugh at yourself a little.
  • Set a big, scary, dreamy goal.
  • Realise it doesn’t have to be just a dream – anything is possible.
  • Align yourself with someone who shares your passion and ambition – someone who could learn from you.
  • Work together to turn your dream into a reality with what you have available to you.
  • Let nothing stop you – you are enough!

Now go for it! See you on the other side, over-achiever!

This article was first published in The Witness.