Touching hearts, inspiring people, imparting life skills to make a positive difference – we believe that everyone should serve a greater good. We look for opportunities where we can apply our knowledge and our energy to positively impact the lives of others and in doing so, we also make a positive change in our own lives.

TowerStone HeartStart Foundation

Lion Cub and Young Lion Programmes

These programmes are structured curriculums that serve as a tool for us to interact with less privileged children who are in their formative and teenage years.

The programme aims to develop the children’s emotional and social skills, and to impart the importance and benefit of values. Social and emotional skills involve developing the ability to recognise and manage emotions, show care and concern for others, make responsible decisions, solve problems, establish positive relationships and handle challenging situations effectively. Values such as trust, honesty and respect support these behaviours.

The wish that we have for all the children we work with is that they realise they can dare to dream. After all, that is how great achievements originate.

Mandela Day


We have partnered with Juice Films and various other businesses in the Cape to celebrate Mandela Day and to provide boys and girls with soccer kits. A day is spent playing soccer in their new kit and lots of fun is had by all.


Creative Thinking House



Creative Thinking House is led a by a group of young adults who aim to assist primary school learners with academic challenges mainly in the subjects of Maths and Science. These young adults are true role models in their community of Khayelitsha.

The HeartStart Foundation empowered them with essential life and business skills in order to take their organisation further, by facilitating a range of modules from our ADOL qualification. The impact on them was huge and it was a great opportunity for them to receive since they are so often the ones giving.




MathMoms is a women’s initiative powered by motherly love that builds confident communities one maths-empowered child at a time. They focus on tutoring foundation phase learners in basic math skills. TowerStone developed a brand strategy and a brand identity for this great organisation.

Mandela Washington Fellows



The Mandela Washington Fellows is part of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) started by Barack Obama. We helped the fellowship by developing a brand strategy and an identity which would serve their vision of going beyond talk to doing: making a difference and measuring their impact.

Youth Economic Participation Programme (YEPP)



YEPP is a non-profit organisation that, as its name suggests, seeks to promote opportunities for youth through collaboration. Trevor Manuel is its patron. TowerStone is currently developing a brand strategy, brand identity and website for YEPP.




Timu is a non-profit organisation that builds relationships by matching trustworthy seekers to meaningful opportunity. We helped them define their brand and developed a brand identity and brand manual for them.


Culture Club


TowerStone’s team members participate in various outreach initiatives on a personal level as well through our Culture Club, by regularly supporting and giving back to those in the communities around us.

We have forged a relationship with the children and carers at St Francis Home to Grow by taking them to the Two Oceans Aquarium and World of Birds – and even built them a brand new jungle gym which they loved.

We participate in Reach for a Dream’s annual Slipper Day to raise funds used to fulfil the dreams of children living with life-threatening illnesses.

The elderly residents at Molenhof Aftree-Oord were treated to care packages for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – a surprise which they greatly appreciated.

Christmas can be a very lonely time for the elderly, so what better way to cheer them up than by participating in Senior Santa Shoebox? We have provided several present shoeboxes over the years to very grateful recipients.

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