Thea Shaw


From carefully hitting the keys on my aunt’s typewriter when I was young, to the fluster of writing, editing and proofreading that make up my current reality – the written word has always been my passion.

I started out on the wobbly legs of a BA degree in Languages and Literature, but I had much to learn when launching my career in the private business sector. The experience I gained taught me to approach challenges with confidence and to continually adapt to new circumstances. It also gave me the opportunity to further develop and diversify my language skills by working on a wide range of projects from marketing material to business correspondence and proposals.

Upon joining TowerStone, I found it to be a company alive with personality and possibilities. It is a daily privilege to be involved in creating content that does more than scratch the surface – content that inspires real change. I count myself fortunate to be part of a team that is passionate about making a difference and passionate about supporting each other to get there.