Cornell Solomon

Facilitator and Coach

I have come to realise as a coach and facilitator that each engagement with another individual is an opportunity to learn.

As someone who has always wanted to understand people better, enrolling for a psychology degree seems like a natural decision in hindsight. I completed my honours and interned as a psychometrist in the public sector in the 80s, after which I worked as a business consultant both in other businesses as well as my own. My immersion in the business world lead me to enrol in and obtain a Masters in Business Administration.

All of this came together when I joined TowerStone – a group of warm and caring professionals who are passionate about their work. Our work on brand ambassadorship not only benefits leaders in the workplace but also their contributions as individuals in society.

I believe the true mark of someone’s achievement isn’t found in their own lives, but in the contributions they’ve made to the lives of others.