We often think that watching a movie is just a guilty “me time” experience – this isn’t always the case.  At TowerStone we often share great books that we should read as leaders and occasionally come across movies that we find inspirational. Chasing Mavericks is one of those movies.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Reward Ngcobo, one of our business leaders at TowerStone, to find out what he thought about the movie.

What was your first impression of the movie?

RN: The opening line – “we all come from the ocean” captured my imagination, not so much by the words which were spoken, but what it reminded me of. We all come from God and after all the life experiences we go through, in essence, we return to Him.

How have the values displayed in this movie affected your life?

RN: Rather than affected my life, they served to make me aware of the values I have in my own life and I could relate to them and be inspired by them. They reinforced the importance of the awareness of knowing what I want from life. The realisation and reminder that sacrifices need to be made to achieve the goals I have set in my own life.

What did you enjoy most about this movie?

RN: One of the first lessons shared in the movie was the four pillars of human foundations i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. What I loved was the way these foundations were brought together when survival (Jay falling from the biggest wave) was necessary.

Like leadership, it was a reminder of understanding authentic self. As I had just completed facilitating a Leadership Workshop on Personal Mastery it summed it all up perfectly.

What did you learn from watching the movie and how has it benefited you as a leader?

RN: My learning from this movie is that it is so important to remain true to oneself. No matter what went on around this young man, he did not waver from the goals set and he also did not judge others – he embraced them for who they were. It reminded me to value those around me and appreciate them for the people they are and not who I would like them to be.

Tell us about a specific scenario that struck you as significant or interesting in the movie.

RN: I found it fascinating in the way this young man accepted the fact that his mother was an alcoholic and still loved her and treated her well. He gave back to her without judging.

When his mentor who had pushed him in everything he did, went through a tough personal tragedy – he was there for him. He didn’t allow him to give up and he invested time and effort in getting him back on track.  It was a reminder of how important coaching and mentoring is and made me ask the question – am I giving back when times are tough?

Why would you recommend this movie?

RN: I think there are two reasons I would recommend others to watch this movie:

For a novice – the enjoyment of the movie and the introduction to the fundamental principles of life (at least creating awareness of what’s necessary to succeed).

For a leader – it helps to validate the journey they may be on and deepen their understanding of the principles of life.

When the young man was given an essay to write – it wasn’t just about an essay – it was about observing as well as the deep learnings that came out of the exercise. What may seem a simple exercise may just become a life lesson.

What is your lasting impression of the movie?

RN: The sheer spirit of a human being and the endless possibilities we have to achieve as well as the awareness of the fact that I cannot achieve alone. Also, that we need those around us to contribute to our fulfilment.

By Maxine Jackson ~ Content Editor at TowerStone

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