TowerStone helps organisations embark on a journey that promotes fulfilment and engagement through Purposeful Leadership and Teamwork. If cascaded throughout the organisation, it will assist in creating a culture of Brand Ambassadorship. The following offerings support this journey:

CEO and Executive Interviews promoting understanding and customisation.

Building trust by making a promise and living up to it.

Brand Strategy and Design

A differentiated brand vision, brand identity and brand expression.

Our Reason for Being©

Inspiring a culture of Brand Ambassadorship.

Marketing Communications

Making the brand promise externally.

Employee Communications

Making the brand promise internally.

Leading and collaborating with a clear Purpose.

BreakThrough© – Leader as Coach Programme (NQF 7 – Advanced Diploma)

Empowering leaders to shape and coach a healthy, integrated culture of Brand Ambassadorship – inspired employees who drive performance through personal accountability and commitment while being actively encouraged to make values-based decisions.

Purposeful Learning Series©

A series that addresses relevant leadership challenges with a sense of purpose at its core.

Purposeful Coaching – Achieving success is a magical blend of knowing what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, and who will help you get there. This process helps you implement your Purposeful Goal (single most important business goal) by addressing both strategic and behavioural aspects.
Purposeful Culture – Building a Leadership Brand – A Purposeful Culture is driven by the organisational values and behaviours, which influence how we interact with each other and how we work together to deliver the brand promise.
Purposeful Leadership – Leading with a purpose entails commitment to personal mastery and growth, as well as to having the courage to influence the attitudes and behaviours necessary to win the commitment of others.
Purposeful Learning – Good leadership can be learned by anyone if backed by a deep sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to ongoing development and collaboration.
Teaming with a Purpose – Inspiring your team with a purpose is an integral part of achieving results in today’s ever-changing business landscape.
Purposeful Communication – Empowering leaders to connect with stakeholders.
Purposeful Work – Leader who find fulfilment at work understand who they are, where they are going and what they need to do to get the job done.
Purposeful Life – Steps to take towards fulfilment and a life that matters.
Purposeful Conversations – Our term to describe the much-needed conversation or discussion between two people where one seeks to address an issue of a sensitive nature.

Advanced Diploma in Organisational Leadership (NQF 7)

Providing leaders with formative skills and applied competence in the fields of management and leadership. This will result in opportunities for continued personal growth, gainful economic activity and rewarding contributions.

Management Practice Programme

Designed to empower new managers with the essential conceptual, interpersonal and functional skills to shape Brand Ambassadors within their organisations. (Pending approval)

Supervisor Development Programme (NQF 4)

Empowering supervisors with the necessary skills to engage their teams and support achievement of business goals through collaboration


This Personal Mastery Programme focuses on unlocking individual leadership potential so that leaders can in turn empower their teams to be more accountable, committed and passionate for the organisation.

Examples of Short Courses (adapted from leadership development programmes to address specific needs)

Negotiation Skills – Participants gain understanding and practice the key skills and steps involved in a successful negotiation process.
Emotional Intelligence – Participants gain a fundamental understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies that can enhance emotional awareness, inter- and intra-personal relations and assist with stress management in the workplace.
Managing Conflict – Participants gain an understanding of what conflict is, the impact it has, and practice developing strategies to deal with conflict in a sustainable manner.
Optimising Diversity and Change – Participants develop skills to understand and harness diversity as well as explore change processes to implement change effectively.
Developing Managers for Success – Participants gain a better understanding of emotional intelligence and leadership coaching to help them engage their teams to achieve business goals


Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® – Assess individual and team thinking preferences.
Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Toolsl – Assess individual, team and organisational alignment/mis-alignment with the organisation’s values.
360° Individual Leadership Brand Assessment – Assessment that provides insight to track individual behavioural growth within an organisation, based on the organisation’s Leadership Behaviours.
180° Team Leadership Brand Assessment – Assessment that provides insight to track team behavioural growth within an organisation based on the organisation’s Leadership Behaviours.