TowerStone helps organisations embark on a journey that promotes fulfilment and engagement through Purposeful Leadership and Teamwork. If cascaded throughout the organisation, it will assist in creating a culture of Brand Ambassadorship. The following offerings support this journey:

As a Private Higher Education institution, TowerStone is committed to helping leaders discover ways to inspire their people to work at achieving fulfilment in all aspects of their lives. The Leadership Academy is centred on the belief that leaders are responsible for mobilising the hands, minds and hearts of their people to achieve sustainable results. TowerStone delivers accredited and non-accredited programmes that aim to empower our students to lead effectively in the business context by building a resilient culture that will sustain commercial growth – the real return on investment in leadership development.

Our facilitative adult learning approach focuses on convicting leaders of the need to develop their leadership style for the sake of those around them. This provides the foundation for sustainable application of learning in the workplace, integrated with a series of activities and assessments. We emphasise the importance of understanding behaviours against the context of the organisational brand, purpose and values. Central to this is the philosophy of Care and Growth (creating new levels of accountability) and Brand Ambassadorship.

Leadership Development Programme (NQF Level 7 – Advanced Diploma in Organisational Leadership)

Providing leaders with formative skills and applied competence in the fields of management and leadership, resulting in opportunities for continued personal growth, improved profitability and success as well as rewarding contributions from them and their team members.

BreakThrough© Leader as Coach Programme (NQF Level 7 – Advanced Diploma in Leadership Coaching)

Empowering leaders to model and coach a healthy, integrated culture of Brand Ambassadorship – inspired employees who drive performance through personal accountability and commitment – while being actively encouraged to make values-based decisions.

Management Practice Programme

Designed to empower managers with the essential conceptual, interpersonal and functional skills to shape Brand Ambassadors within their organisations.

Supervisor Development Programme (NQF 4)

Empowering leaders with the relevant tools and skills to make them more effective in their work environment based on the organisation’s specific needs. They are also familiarised with the essential conceptual and interpersonal skills to model and equip Brand Ambassadors


This Personal Mastery Programme focuses on unlocking individual leadership potential so that leaders can in turn empower their teams to be more accountable, committed and passionate for the organisation.

Examples of Short Courses (adapted from leadership development programmes to address specific needs)

Negotiation Skills – Participants gain understanding and practice the key skills and steps involved in a successful negotiation process.
Emotional Intelligence – Participants gain a fundamental understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies that can enhance emotional awareness, inter- and intra-personal relations and assist with stress management in the workplace.
Optimising Conflict – Participants gain an understanding of what conflict is, the impact it has, and practice developing strategies to deal with conflict in a sustainable manner.
Leading Diversity and Change – Participants develop skills to understand and harness diversity as well as explore change processes to implement change effectively.
Leadership Communication Programme – Participants are equipped with essential communication and emotional intelligence competencies to enhance their ability to harness the potential of team diversity and facilitate change.
Developing Managers for Success – Participants gain a better understanding of emotional intelligence and leadership coaching to help them engage their teams to achieve business goals

At TowerStone we believe that great brands are all built from the inside out, lived by the people who make up the business. Your brand should be working for your business, closely aligned to your business strategy.

Brand Assessment

An audit process to assess your brand’s health and effectiveness which is followed by a scoping process that builds on the audit and establishes to what extent your brand contributes to your business.

Brand Strategy

A critical business tool that provides a differentiated brand vision, brand architecture and brand expression that will not only build your business’s price to earnings ratio but is the road map that will allow you to make a brand promise, keep it and, ultimately, build trust.

Brand Activation

A process that makes your brand come alive for both internal and external stakeholders and forms an important link between brand and communication.


A dedicated design studio lives within TowerStone and provides creative work and content strategically aligned to business objectives by providing essential brand tools such as brand manuals and brand kits.   content strategically aligned to business objectives by providing essential brand tools such as brand manuals and brand kits.

Brand Implementation

Ongoing support and account/project management is available for continued brand activation, as well as design and production work.

Brand Training

Empowers your team to become fully fledged brand managers. Our training programmes include:

Brand Management Workshop – A one-day workshop where brand managers learn how to use their brand manual/brand kit to effectively promote their brand.
Executive Brand Leadership – A one-day workshop aiming to empower leaders to understand how to lead their brand.

Marketing Communications

A dedicated research tool that measures your brand’s alignment and effectiveness both internally and externally.

Internal Communications

If great brands are built from the inside out, it is important for your employees to know and understand your brand promise and their part in delivering it. This builds trust in your brand and ultimately the worth of your company.

Culture is the heart of the organisation and it is sustained by a connection to a shared purpose. In this ever-changing world that requires us to innovate constantly, there are few things that can help us stay on course. However, if you are intentional about developing your culture in line with your purpose, it will enable your employees to bring their hands, minds and hearts to work. This can enhance innovation, improve performance and ultimately increase profits.

Purposeful Learning Series©

The Purposeful Learning Series presents the platform to enhance commitment, engagement and fulfilment by helping you to connect with your purpose as a person, as a leader and as a team member. Integrating purpose in all you do means that life and work seamlessly create harmony that encourages meaningful engagement on personal and professional levels.

Purposeful Culture: Building a Leadership Brand – The Leadership Brand Journey approach empowers leadership to purposefully drive the values and behaviours expected of all leaders within your organisation. This can result in stronger leadership capability at all levels throughout the organisation and a sustainably improved culture. In turn, this creates a work environment where employees find fulfilment and become inspired Brand Ambassadors. This offering includes interviews with nominated leaders which are used as input to the two-day workshop where the Leadership Brand is built. This is followed by a one-day validation workshop which is facilitated with the broader team.
Purposeful Life – The Purposeful Life workshop helps leaders explore and formulate their life purpose into a clear statement that aims to give direction without compromise. Leaders are guided in visualising their purpose, as well as identifying and overcoming barriers through the discovery of practical aspects that are the stepping stones to building a purposeful life. Knowing your purpose brings a sense of focus, meaning and energy to your time, wherever you may spend it. The aim is to facilitate meaningful engagement – both personally and professionally.
Purposeful Leadership – The Purposeful Leadership workshop presents an opportunity to enhance current team performance by focusing on the character attributes that make purposeful leaders. The Five Essentials of Purposeful Leadership focus on the key elements required for engaging others in an impactful way. Learning how to lead purposefully can improve how the team members work together and collaborate with other teams. We will also unpack the Seven Dysfunctions of Purposeful Leadership that tend to hinder this.
Teaming with a Purpose – The Teaming with a Purpose workshop focuses on strengthening team alignment around a single team purpose. The workshop also unpacks the Ten Principles of Teaming Purposefully. Various assessment tools, such as HBDI®, Barrett’s, qualitative team interviews and internal customer interviews, are used in order to better understand team dynamics. Teams define, clarify and then build their team purpose in order to align better as a team as well as to enhance team functioning. Ultimately, leaders will understand the impact of the team on others in the organisation and have a firm grasp of how to determine the best way forward.
Purposeful Conversations To Clear The Air – Initiating Purposeful Conversations to clear the air means talking about “that something” that really needs to be addressed and that could impact the future of the company or change the way people work together. When team members learn to talk to each other, instead of about each other, alignment is enhanced and relationships are strengthened. This enables a high-performance culture of improved engagement levels and effective collaboration that can increase the team’s potential to achieve business goals and targets.
Purposeful Learning – The Purposeful Learning workshop explores the value of life-long learning in order to improve the way leaders lead businesses and teams. The workshop helps them embrace their obligation to keep learning, whilst guiding them to understand the value of preparing with precision. Leaders will be able to clarify their lifelong learning purpose by the end of the workshop.
Purposeful Work – Leaders who find fulfilment at work understand who they are, where they are going and what they need to do to get the job done. Others need to recognise your passion, love and joy as you go about your work. Purposeful Work focuses on what you need to do to display these traits more visibly by unpacking the six barriers to finding fulfilment at work. Being purposeful at work might be lying dormant already, but you must reconnect with it. The workshop will help you understand what it looks like to be purposeful in your specific situation and how to work on getting there.
Purposeful Communication – The Purposeful Communication workshop will explore the factors that influence the effectiveness of communication in the workplace. It is essential to recognise that a leader is the message. People respond to the way we show up and lead – not just to our words. Purposeful communication is vital for building the desired culture and improving levels of engagement.


Purposeful Change – A ten-phase, 18-month journey that helps leaders identify one Purposeful Goal with three supporting goals that they are passionate about and which are crucial to the business’s success. These goals maintain absolute focus on the most important measures of success – self-awareness using the company’s values as the yardstick for behavioural change as well as results-driven growth for the business.
Executive Coaching – 18 formal, 90 minute sessions, once a month, with a TowerStone coach based on Emotional Intelligence principles, establishing healthy working relationships through self-awareness, communication and building accountability. All of these elements integrate into the long-term purpose of empowering leaders to build a culture of ownership.
Executive Coaching – 18 formal, 90 minute sessions, once a month, with a TowerStone coach based on Emotional Intelligence principles, establishing healthy working relationships through self-awareness, communication and building accountability. All of these elements integrate into the long-term purpose of empowering leaders to build a culture of ownership.

Brand Ambassadorship

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – The value of an EVP lies in an alignment of expectations essential to building trust. The objective is to help build Brand Ambassadorship on a foundation of trust by clearly communicating what the organisation expects from its employees and what employees can expect in return. This offering includes a final Employee Value Proposition and an Activation Plan.
Our Reason For Being – Empowering Brand Ambassadors with an intimate knowledge of the organisational purpose, products and services to enable them to fulfil their role in the organisation with passion and pride. Brand Ambassadors are active participants and smarter decision makers who live the behaviours that organisations require for long-term success.


Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® – Each of us absorbs processes and communicates information in different ways. Understanding and appreciating different thinking styles can change the way you interact with the members of your team and your customers, and enhance relationships.
Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tool – Values alignment is a powerful yet simple management tool that allows leaders to understand the cultural status of their organisation or their team as well as the interventions required for transformation, change and organisational development. The results will indicate how aligned team members are in terms of current and desired culture (values) and also indicate cultural entropy: the extent of culture alignment or misalignment.
Keep–Start–Avoid Assessment – This assessment is conducted to identify keep and start behaviours that supports personal growth and team performance as well as avoid behaviours that tend to inhibit team performance.
360° Individual Leadership Brand Assessment – Assessment that provides insight to track individual behavioural growth within an organisation, based on the organisation’s Leadership Behaviours.
180° Team Leadership Brand Assessment – Assessment that provides insight to track team behavioural growth within an organisation based on the organisation’s Leadership Behaviours.
360° Five Essentials of Purposeful Leadership Assessment – Assessment that provides insight into how your team members experience you and your behaviour in terms of the Five Essentials of Purposeful Leadership.
Belbin® Team Role Report – People are more engaged and productive when they play to their key strengths. Belbin have identified nine different Team Roles a team requires to be successful. A Team Role is defined as “a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way.” Belbin empowers individuals to fulfil their potential at work; and helps organisations to bring together the right people to form high performing teams.

Leadership Interventions

Customised RACI and Strategy workshops – These workshops are customised to client requirements to establish role-clarity, clear objectives and a sense of ownership as well as to enhance collaboration and teamwork.
Executive Responsibility – Executives are ultimately accountable for the sustainability and success of the company. This is more than just a title, it is a demanding responsibility to reach operational, cultural, financial, strategic and governance objectives. The workshop asks the hard questions to help participants reflect on whether they are leading and driving the right actions and conversations in order to deliver in the best interest of the company and its stakeholders.
Five Essentials Of Leadership – The Five Essentials of Purposeful Leadership have been distilled from thousands of examples into a succinct and integrated model that illustrates the essence of a purposeful leader. It has been built in an integrative manner with each essential supporting the other. This workshop focusses on developing these five essentials in unison to lead in an impactful and consistent manner.