TowerStone team members are purposeful, caring and tenacious. We are passionate about empowering people by collaborating with integrity.

We believe that children should be nurtured from an early age to help shape them to reach their full potential. TowerStone HeartStart Foundation aspires to achieving this, motivated by the belief that conscious choice, not chance, determines human destiny.

We believe that with care and committed intervention, championed by our passion for children, those we interact with are given more of a chance to succeed in life. The TowerStone HeartStart Lion Cub and Young Lion Programmes are structured curriculums serving as a tool for interaction between the TowerStone facilitators and less privileged children who are in their formative and teenage years.

The programme aims at developing emotional and social skills as well as teaching the benefit of having values.

Social and emotional skills involve developing the ability to recognise and manage emotions, show care and concern for others, make responsible decisions, solve problems, establish positive relationships and handle challenging situations effectively. Values such as trust, honesty and respect support these behaviours.

We have seen that by facilitating workshops to the children, and every step we take with them, we are helping them to realise and build their own dreams. The wish we have for the children we work with, is that they realise they can also dare to dream. After all that is how great achievements originate.